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Why do People Quit? Bad Leadership

A consultant friend sent me an article last night called Employees Quit Leaders, Not Companies. I highly recommend you check it out.

An exerpt is below – this is just a teaser.

Leigh Branham, author of 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave analyzed over 20,000 anonymous surveys asking employees why they left their last job. Although most managers believe pay is the primary reason people quit, Branham discovered that the number one reason actually is “loss of trust and confidence in senior leaders.”

The second reason? “Feeling undervalued in recognition, reward and pay.” Even though pay is included in that reason, it can be said that both loss of confidence and feeling that your work efforts are overlooked are actually leadership issues. “Undervalued” in this sense has little to do with money.

Some people might consider a new job at a different company because the pay is higher. However, the true seed of restlessness and dissatisfaction can be traced back to a disconnect between employee and employer.

As a leader, would people stay or leave because of you? What might you do to take your leadership up a notch that would best serve your people? Be a good leader, keep your people. Be negligent and you might be losing some of your best talent.

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