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Embrace what you don't know book

Embrace What You Don’t Know:

A Stupid Guide to Smart Business Leadership

As a leader, the last thing we want is to look stupid. But imagine if embracing what you don’t know was the smartest thing you could ever do?

A great leader isn’t invested in looking like they have all the right answers; they learn to ask all the right questions instead. Whether it’s in life, leadership, or in your organization, staying humble and open to new information could be the difference between success and failure.

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Ask the right questions in life and leadership

  • Lead more effectively by staying humble and open
  • Become a better leader, transforming your business and the people you lead
  • Transform your organization as you grow it into a thriving, sustainable company

Author David Achata will take you on a journey of embracing what you don’t know in order to help you reap the greatest rewards in your business and life.

This book is the business coach and mentor that every business leader needs

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What Others Are Saying

This book is about you and your growth as a person and as a leader. Read it, dwell on it, take it seriously, and humbly become the person and leader that you are meant to be.

Robb WilsonOwner/President, Wilson Lumber Inc. Madison, Alabama
Executive Retreat - leaders please go away

Executive Retreat:

Leaders, Please Go Away

Leaders, you need to go away. You deserve it. And the success of your future may depend on it.

Whether you’re a disciplined leader, someone who needs to refocus, or a person in search of a complete overhaul, going away just might save your life and your business.

Because here’s what no one will tell you in the industry: Being “on” all the time will kill you. It will kill your team and eventually, your family.

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More about Executive Retreat: Leaders, Please Go Away

In Executive Retreat: Leaders, Please Go Away, David Achata can save you from overwhelm and burnout by showing you how four disciplines can actually make you happier, healthier, and more effective.

In this book, you’ll learn the importance of:

  • Going away alone to find rejuvenation and rest
  • Going away with a guide to find direction and purpose in your life
  • Go away with your team to build solidarity and trust in your company
  • Go away with your family to build loyal bonds and a lifelong love

In the author’s work of coaching executives, he’s sharing lessons gleaned from coaching top-level leaders and has learned that for every healthy leader, he’s met at least ten more who are a wreck. Often hidden behind a good outfit and a nice office, danger lurks in the background. These leaders hide marriages on the rocks, kids in treatment programs, and team members in silos.

If you relate to any of those scenarios or have seen the traumatic effects of burned-out leaders and teams, this book is especially for you.

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David Achata of Achata Coaching

Meet the Author


David Achata is an author, coach, trainer, facilitator, and speaker. He brings over twenty years of leadership experience to organizations, team development, and training. He lives in the mountains of east Tennessee with his wife and two children. Click to learn more about David Achata.

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