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What type of leader do you work best with?

At Achata Coaching, we work best with leaders who are humble enough to learn, grow, and change. We’ve found the best success helping task-oriented leaders find people skills, and task-oriented organizations find ways to develop their executive leaders to their fullest potential. We’ve also found success helping people-oriented leaders learn to talk straight and practice accountability.

We do this through coaching and development workshops, executive retreats, and team coaching for Leaders, Teams, Organizations, and Faith Based Leaders.

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Do you offer life coaching services?

No. Our focus is on executive leaders within an organization. In our work coaching leaders, we see personal issues come up regularly. Part of the leadership coaching process is to coach the person, not just the problem.

Therefore, we help leaders work through any personal questions that may be impacting their performance in the workplace. If we can help an individual get healthy and focused, their leadership development will improve.
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Do you offer motivational speaking?

Yes and no. David is not a motivational speaker. But in his work with leaders and teams, people walk away motivated. David is available to speak to organizations on leadership development, team building, and executive retreats. In his traveling and speaking, feedback we’ve received is that people are truly inspired by David’s presence and story. Find out how David can help your company’s leadership team through executive coaching, executive retreats, and transitioning leaders by developing a leadership development plan.
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Are there differences between corporate rates and non-profit rates?

Yes. Non-profit rates are about half the corporate rate. This is our way of giving back to the community by partnering with causes we believe in.
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What kind of training do you offer?

Our training and development programs are custom created for your needs and context. For executive retreats located offsite, we create a process of team building, understanding personality and teams, and strategic work to help your team thrive. In addition, we offer development workshops. Topics often requested by organizations are:

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For leadership development programs: We spend a day onsite listening for thematic elements that may point to your developmental needs. Please use this form to contact us to schedule a consultation to share what your needs are. From there we will determine if an onsite day is a next step for you.
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What results does your work produce?

Since 2011, we’ve seen a consistent increase in our clients’ happiness, positivity, empowerment and emotional health.

Our clients report finding ways to better manage themselves and their teams through learning leadership dynamics and employing regular systems of feedback and development.

Organizations we work with report higher employee retention, better corporate climate, and increased revenue.
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What does your program look like?

We don’t have a program. We have a process for team development and executive leaders.

  • First, we listen to discern your needs.
  • Second, we provide solutions and co-create a program that will work in your context.
  • Third, we meet your outcomes.

Some organizations simply need an executive strategy offsite to get clear on vision, values and strategy. Others need a full-on leadership development program. These programs combine fun and interactive training with follow-up systems to ensure participants apply what they learn.
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I’m interested in finding the right service, how do I know what is best for me or my business?

Click here to schedule a 30- or 60-minute consultation. We would be happy to meet you. 30-minute consultations are enough time for individual leaders to share their goals and learn what kind of process we might create to follow.

This shorter timeframe is also enough time for a leader to share the context of the team they are leading and begin a discussion on creating an executive offsite experience.  Sixty-minute sessions are needed for leaders of organizations who want to explore creating a leadership development program.
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What types of organizations do you work with?

We work with all types of leaders and organizations. We’ve worked with for-profit companies of 30,000 people, as well as smaller companies of 35. We’ve worked in the semi-conductor industry, property development, construction, aerial firefighting, hospitals, veterinary care, lumber, tires, and more. We also work with non-profit organizations.

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How much will you charge for a development workshop at my company?

Prices vary based on number of people, preparation time, and travel logistics. Connect with David to learn more.
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