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Organizational and Leadership Development

Every organization has the potential to succeed.

The problem is that so few people are mining their business genius and utilizing it to the fullest. Our team is trained in leadership coaching and team building.
We know how to ask the right questions and build on the core values of an organization.

Here’s how we do it:

Asking the Right Questions

Leadership Development Onsite Visits

To determine what your leadership development needs may be, we offer a one-day onsite visit. If being together in person is not an option, we can do this virtually. The onsite visit includes:

  • A tour of your environment where we learn your unique strengths and challenges
  • Individual interviews with key leaders to see what’s working and what could improve
  • Group interviews with key teams to discover team dynamics and developmental needs
  • A two-page report containing leadership development needs and recommendations for team development
  • A debriefing session to discuss report and determine next steps
Grow Your Leader's Skill Sets

Leadership Development Programs

Following an onsite visit and debrief with your leadership, we’ll create a leadership development program in your focus area.

  • Though each program is different, common elements include
    • Understanding personality and team
    • Developing trust
    • How to create clear leadership development plans and review progress
    • Creating predictable systems of recognition and leadership development feedback
    • Embodying company core values and leaving an impact on people
  • Leadership development programs can be created in varying cadences depending on time and budgetary constraints of each organization. Cadences can be as brief as two-hour segments offered monthly or bi-monthly. For clients desiring a more immersive experience, programs can be created lasting anywhere from 1-3 days.
  • Each program session includes follow-up work and virtual meetings to track learning and progress

“We knew we needed help with leadership training, we just weren’t sure where to begin. The Achata Coaching & Leadership Group helped us put a plan together that meets our manager's needs and helps them to grow into better leaders, all while working within our busy schedules.
In our time working with David, our managers have gone from entering training sessions with great skepticism and dread to the excitement for what we will learn next.
Perhaps the greatest result is that our managers are leading with kindness and understanding toward their team members, appreciating the differences in people and how to make the most of those differences. We are a stronger and more confident leadership team because of our working with David.”

Robb Wilson, President & OwnerWilson Lumber, Madison, Alabama
Engage Your Audience

Keynote Speaking

Book David to speak for your next leadership meeting or team development event.

David brings a lifetime of experience to business leadership events and can present on team building, executive leadership, leadership development and refining your corporate culture. But David’s real passion is sharing his story of barely graduating high school and overcoming the obstacles of dyslexia, poor focus and bad habits to becoming a coach and leader who leaves a lasting impact on people and organizations.

David is also passionate to speak on life change and the deepening of the character of a leader. He chronicles his own time of character transformation in his book, In The Caverns: The Darkness of Grief, and the Dawn of Life Change


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