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Faith Based Leaders

"Something from the Spirit can be seen in each person, for the common good." ~ 1 Corinthians 12:7

In partnership with Creative Results Management in Bellevue, Washington, we are able to offer The COACH® Model for Christian Leaders.

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The Coach Model

Faith Based Leadership Training

  • The COACH Model® is a radically different approach to leadership development. Rather than providing answers, you’ll learn to ask questions that draw out what’s already in others.
  • Learn how to create powerful conversations to assist your team to solve their own problems, reach goals, and develop leadership skills in the process.
  • Whether you are working with employees, family members, or colleagues living in another city, this 1-2-day workshop will equip you with powerful tools and techniques you need to increase your leadership effectiveness, enhance corporate culture, and provide team development training. Other outcomes can include
    • Coaches who can effectively support group leaders in self-designing actions and strategies
    • Group leaders will learn to guide group members in processes of self-discovery
    • Attendees learn to ask before they tell

Better listening skills and the ability to create a church or non-profit culture where people feel understood Bellevue, Washington, we are able to offer The COACH® Model for Christian Leaders.

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