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Leadership Development for Executives

Create better teams through executive leadership coaching.

Create better teams through executive leadership coaching

We’ll help you accomplish your tangible goals through leadership development, team building, and executive leadership coaching. We want you to be a healthy and agile leader so you can motivate your team to pursue the same goals.

Together, We Make Space to Find Vision

Leadership Coaching

What to expect

Our process begins with an honest conversation of where you’re at with team building, leadership development, and corporate culture, and where you’d like to be.
From there we identify the ways you can get there and how to become a more agile leader.
Once we determine how long the leadership development journey will take, we’ll set appropriate touch points with team members who are essential to your success.

Along the way, we utilize a variety of tools for leadership coaching like personal interviews using Appreciative Inquiry to focus on what’s working, taking that energy and applying it to your current goals. We also use 360 feedback interviews and a variety of assessments to help clarify your leadership style and strengths.

  • Leadership coaching works and the data shows it. Relly Nadler, of True North Leadership, found in a study of business executives, the benefits they believed resulted from Executive Coaching. Respondents reported percentages of improvement in the following areas:
    • Working relationships with direct reports (77%)
    • Working relationships with immediate supervisors (71%)
    • Teamwork (67%)
    • Working relationships with peers (63%)
    • Job satisfaction (61%)
    • Conflict reduction (52%)
    • Organizational commitment (44%)
    • Working relationships with clients (37%)
  • There’s always more to learn and new ways to grow with team development and leadership development. At 87 years old, Michelangelo said it well: “Ancora imparo” (I’m still learning).
Get Away to Rest and Refocus

Executive Leadership Retreats

  • Get away to rest and refocus. During Executive Leader Retreats, we’ll help you design a one- or two-day executive retreat schedule for fun, rest, and planning. Whether you’re taking a new position or need time to plan for the quarter or year, that’s what this extended time away is about.­­­
  • If you come our way, we’ll put you up in beautiful downtown Chattanooga, Outside Magazine’s #1 Outdoor City in America.
  • Whether you’re interested in Civil War History, mountain biking, hiking, or whitewater rafting, we’ll plan a time that has in it what you need to get recharged. When the retreat is over, you’ll have a solid plan to take home. If desired, we’ll create a follow-on coaching rhythm that works for your schedule to keep you on track.

Want us to come your way?

We can do that too. Here’s some pics of a recent retreat we did in the Redwoods on the coast of California.

Transitioning Leaders
Shifting into a new position often requires a new skillset.

Your performance helped you into a new leadership role, what skills do you need to thrive next? Our leadership development process will help you find language for where you’re at, and where you want to be, as well as new competences to help you succeed. Leadership agility will help you face change with a plan and purpose.

Helping You Make the Most

Transitioning Leaders: Develop a Leadership Development Plan

Our leadership development process for transitioning leaders takes three to six months and includes:

  • An alignment meeting with your HR leader and/or manager
  • Creation of a clear leadership development plan
  • The designing of a project toward which to measure success
  • Identifying a mentor to aid in your journey
  • Weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions to keep you on track
  • Assessments to raise self-awareness (link to assessments)
  • A concluding meeting with your HR leader and/or manager to celebrate progress and determine next steps

How We Help You

  1. We listen to your leadership needs and can design a coaching plan or leadership development program for your situation.
  2. Together, we’ll find solutions that will meet your leadership goals as you face change with a purpose and plan.
  3. Our process will give you more leadership agility and impact your team in countless ways. We help you grow as a leader through change. Click to contact us to find out how we can support you.

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