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I’ve been a big fan of Zappos because of their ability to recognize tribes and harness their power. Additionally, to be willing to experiment moving forward by doing away with managers and empowering the people shows how much they want their organization to thrive and be owned by everyone. Recent research shows, however, the no-manager organization did not work. Their experiment has shown that managers do have a vital place in organizations. With that said — how are you investing in the development of your managers? Research by google showed that workers with the best managers performed better and had lower turnover. Invest, invest, invest. I can’t say it enough.

“Gallup has learned that employees are more likely to be engaged in their work when their basic needs are met — for example, they know what it is expected of them at work, have the materials and equipment to do their job right and have opportunities to do what they do best every day.” How are you doing in these areas? Need some help? Contact me.

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