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Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

I just returned from a busy month. First off, at the beginning of January, I was in Montana working with a company called Neptune Aviation. They are working on developing a healthy tribal culture. It was a great experience for me and their company’s mission to protect lives is inspiring. From there, I was home for a day, then went to Peru with my dad and brother.

On the plane ride back, I saw this Ted talk by Bryan Stevenson called We’ve got to talk about Injustice. It inspired me to recalibrate my coaching so leaders bend their influence towards causes that matter. So I’m including the video for you all to enjoy. Apply it how you will, but I thought you needed to see it. When you’ve completed it, ask yourself “what am I leading my people toward?” It’s one thing to lead teams and make money, but to what end? How is your team making the world a better place? Lead well and keep your eyes on the prize. Check this video out:

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