Achata Coaching Inc. can create and tailor a workshop suited to the needs of your organization. Currently, we offer three workshops.

Whether you’re looking to improve professionally or need a thinking partner to help you navigate your next big initiative, Achata Coaching Inc. offers the Executive Coaching to take your leadership to the next level. Depending on your need, we offer:


Each team is unique and has specific needs. Sometimes an organization doesn’t need a pre-designed workshop, but an offsite created to the unique needs of the culture. The positive advantage of working with us is that we can co-create together an engagement to serve the specific needs of your team. We have designed off sites around some or all of the following subjects: how to have difficult conversations, positive leadership, strengths, & more. In addition to this, we are able to design an engagement that will help you discern and communicate a simple, transferrable strategy you can communicate to your company that will help you achieve your most important goals. Working with us to co-create a workshop will result in more buy-in and positive action. An organization equals an idea plus it’s people. This means the people have to have buy-in before the idea can move forward. What’s your idea? How can we serve your needs?


Studies have shown that the more goals a team has, the fewer they actually get done. Knowing how to discern an organizational top priority is key, but that’s not all. Your team has to know what their roles are after the top priority has been determined. In addition, how will they display their progress and when will the follow-up happen to make sure the goal was executed? The TRIP toward execution is a workshop designed to help teams determine how to execute with greater speed their most important priorities.

The second half of The TRIP toward execution uses the CPI 260® assessment. The CPI 260®  is built on 50 years of research and reliability to assesses the leader’s strengths & growth areas. Knowing this enables each leader to apply their strengths to executing their top goal. In addition to this, Achata Coaching Inc. will train your leaders to coach each other and direct reports in a way that will provides positive support and regular accountability to keep the team moving forward. Click for a sample of the CPI 260® Client Feedback Report & Coaching Report for Leaders.


Patrick Lencioni says in his book The Advantage, that the number one contributor to organizational health is a healthy leadership team. Building a team like that doesn’t happen over night. It takes time and work. Take a day away with your leaders to learn about how each one functions. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® has helped millions of people around the world better understand themselves and how they interact with others for over 50 years.

At the end of this workshop your team will understand what types of environments energize them, how they view the world, process information and prefer to order their lives. In addition to this, they will learn how to interact with each other in a healthy productive way that fosters teamwork and enhances performance. They will love this fun day filled with rich insight and leave with an action plan for how to work better together applying their personality makeup to organizational goals.

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