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5 Steps to Gaining Momentum

By September 14, 2013January 15th, 2020Uncategorized

What do you do when you feel like you’ve used up all your resources? Perhaps you are leading a new initiative in your company. Maybe you are an entrepreneur trying to generate new clients. Whatever your role – sometimes you feel like you’ve taken all the steps you can take. So what do you do?

When you come to the end of your ideas, you arrive at a crossroads. One way is the road where you can focus on abundance, the other is the road of focusing on scarcity. The abundance road is the way of generating impacting action, while the scarcity road is the way of debilitating yourself and your team. Which road do you veer towards? I want to veer you toward the abundance road.

When a person focuses on abundance, they focus on the best of the past and present, then apply that to the future. Here’s a little exercise I want to encourage you to commit to for 40 days.

  1. Take 20 minutes in the morning to think of a time when you (or your organization) did something in the realm you are trying to accomplish curently. This means you’ll need to know your goal. (ie. if you want to generate new clients, think of a time when you generated a new client)
  2. Write down all the things you did in that peak experience you just imagined
  3. If you applied the actions you did back then to your current situation, what might you do differently today?
  4. Who needs to know what you learned from this exercise? Tell them via phone or email about what you learned and the action you are taking.
  5. Commit to five sessions of abundance thinking per week, one per day. This means you will generate five new actions per week toward your goal. Do this for eight weeks – then you’ll have generated 40 new actions that will move you forward.

I promise doing this exercise will help you get some momentum if you feel stuck. What you focus on determines your reality. Focusing on what you don’t have will lead you to not having anything. Focusing on the abundance you’ve experienced in the past and present will yield a future harvest of good fruit.

I’m currently doing this to move me forward on one of my goals. Who wants to join? Email me if you are in.


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