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Day 7. Narrow Your Focus

By September 24, 2013January 15th, 2020Uncategorized

I’m so overwhelmed

Yesterday I was coaching a leader who was under an incredible amount of stress with all the things he had to get done.

I shared with him some goal setting statistics.

  • Set 1-3 goals and you will accomplish them all
  • Set 4-10 goals and you will accomplish one
  • Set 11 or more goals and you will accomplish none

Next, I helped him get a handle on his overwhelmed feeling by asking him to list the three main areas he felt he needed to focus on. After that, I asked him to state a goal he was trying to hit in each area. After identifying the goal he was trying to hit, I asked him what his required action was. Here’s an illustration.

Let’s pretend your goal is to have a cornfield. Then your required action will be to plant seeds. How many seeds you plant will determine the size of your cornfield. Narrowing your focus in this way looks like this.

  • Top Goal – Have a cornfield
  • Required Action(s) – Plant Seeds (get equipment, land etc…)
  • Predictable Follow Up – by what date will I carry out my action?

Today, instead of feeling overwhelmed by what’s before you, narrow your focus. What’s your top goal for this week? What required actions need to be taken to get you there? When will you commit to carrying out those actions?

Doing this exercise will help you get a handle on the task before you and it will help you focus on what you actually have vs. getting derailed by everything swimming around in your brain. Check out the quote in the included pic of Steve Jobs. It says it all. Narrow your focus – it will pay off.

This is day seven of an exercise I’m engaging in called, 40 days of action, how to generate momentum on your most important goals. If you’d like to read the original blog, click here. If you’d like to participate in 40 days of action, click here to email me.

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