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From Life Sucks to Life’s Great!

By August 13, 2012August 5th, 2022Uncategorized

This morning I started listening to Tribal Leadership by David Logan, John King and Halee Fischer-Wright. If you are a leader of any organization and seeking to improve the culture of your tribe, click here for a free download of the audio book.  Trust me, It’s worth your time.

In case you are wondering, the term “tribe” means a group of 20-150 people. Every organization is made up of groups of this size. Many leaders struggle to identify and develop their tribes. Tribal Leadership shows us how to assess, identify and improve our tribes one stage at a time. The result is an organization that can thrive in any economy.

Every organization falls into one of 5 stages. The goal is first, to identify where your culture is at. The second goal is to move your culture to stage 5. How do you improve your culture? The key is to learn how your tribe communicates.

So here’s the question of the day–are you just pushing the agenda or are you trying to understand your people? Do you think it’s possible to learn the communication style of your culture? Download this excellent resource and see how to do it for yourself.

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