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David Achata

Photo Credit: Emily Kerry (c) 2016
25 Aug ’16

How to Generate Great Partnerships

“That’s for you.” Surprised, I took the cup of coffee my friend Marcel had purchased…
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12 Aug ’16

What I’m Reading | Humble Consulting

Years ago I read a little book by Edgar Schein called Humble Inquiry. His understanding…
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11 Aug ’16

Why Move to Tennessee? To Make Space

"Although I am a gregarious person, I love solitude even more.I welcome the opportunity to…
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1 Jun ’16

Your Focus Determines Your Reality

Where you focus determines your reality. Spiritual leaders have been saying this for thousands of…
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13 May ’16

4 Ways Leadership is Like Good Parenting

Good leadership is like good parenting. It’s that simple. The wrong assumption many leaders operate…
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