"I’ve used David as an executive coach both for myself and members of my team. David is innately inquisitive which is well suited for guiding professionals toward self awareness with the ultimate goal of improving their effectiveness. In addition, he’s been useful in group settings teaching the principles of execution. The time spent with David has been comfortable, genuine, informative, and engaging."

− Paul Pickle | President & Chief Operating Officer, Microsemi Corp.

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One of My Coaching Clients Ended Up on an iPhone ad!

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Jason is a great leader–I’m so proud of his accomplishments, but especially what this picture represents. Here is a man who is willing to make the space to find vision….


Your Focus Determines Your Reality

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Where you focus determines your reality. Spiritual leaders have been saying this for thousands of years. Jesus said that if your eyes are full of light, then so will the…


4 Ways Leadership is Like Good Parenting

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Good leadership is like good parenting. It’s that simple. The wrong assumption many leaders operate under is that they’re dealing with adults who are self sufficient. The reality, however, is…

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What Original Thinkers Have in Common

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Today I saw a great TED talk on the surprising habits of original thinkers. Watch this short video to learn the difference between idea doubt and self doubt. It’s not…

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